Friday, October 14, 2011

Lovin' it!

Okay, here comes the post you've all been waiting for... I'm finally really enjoying myself!! The transition here was hard, and sometimes still is, but I'm looking forward to living here and studying here now. It took me a little while, but I warmed up to it eventually. :)

I like it here for several reasons. I'm no longer overwhelmed by all of the new faces. I know a lot of people's names (I'm surprised, actually, at the amount of names I know) and I know all the girls in my dorm. I'm starting to make a couple legitimate friends, one of which is leaving at Christmas to go to a different school! So sad. :( I've met some nursing students that I like, which is really nice since we all have so many classes together.I also like my roommate more and more. She's awesome!

Another thing that I found today is the ballroom dancing club!! I'm thrilled! I am so excited to be dancing again. I've missed all of my artistic outlets dearly, but now I have one back! Every Thursday at 4:15 the ballroom dance club meets in Robson, and I love it! I went with Michael -- he's going to dance with me, too!

I also LOVE working in the library. Even yesterday, when I really needed to study for my midterm, I didn't regret working my shift. I love being on a mission and putting everything where it belongs. I feel like I'm helping and I really like it. :) It really makes me less stressed; it's so peaceful and soothing. In the library, I'm never sad! I love it.

I met a graduate student and he was really friendly and interesting. He's going to be a Bible translator -- cool, huh? So I'm not feeling quite as starved for older people in my life. Also, the man who usually supervises while I work is very kind and joyful. I think he has deep peace in his life. He has the most genuine smile (which seems rare to me at this point) and he'll return a smile every time I smile at him, so it happens pretty frequently. It's really, really nice. It's refreshing to have an adult look at me like I matter... Like my happiness is contagious and I'm making the day better by being joyful. You know, next time you hear that cheesy person saying you can make someone's life better just by smiling... Think about me and my experience, because it can really be true.

Anyway! I am happy here now. I am having a good time and enjoying myself. I'm working out regularly, trying to eat healthy, and enjoying my classes, my job, and the activities I do in my free time. I've achieved better balance in my life and I'm learning how to release stress. I am applying the material I've learned in class to my real life, and I love that it is so practical. I'm just having a better time here, can you tell? :)

Anyway -- please keep me in your prayers, I don't want my good attitude to be lost... Sometimes that is easier to lose than it should be... :) Message me anytime, I miss you all and I'd love to talk to you. I have Skype, too, so I'd love it if you found me and talked to me! Oh, and I have texting! If you ever want to drop me a note, just text it and I'll get it fast. :) I love you guys!! Hope to talk to you soon!


  1. are still missing your mother, RIGHT?! Haha! I am so glad that you are now thoroughly enjoying the college experience. There is no other time in life quite like it. Be happy, but more importantly, maintain your godly character. We miss you and love you very much!

  2. I just realized you posted this!! What a great friend right?!?
    I am soo glad you are so happy and I will pray for its continuance :) I am glad that God is making you happy and that college is better :)
    <3 Melia
    P.s. I saw your pictures of you and your roommate and all your dorm buddies! looks like you are having loads of fun and I am glad you are your roommate are becoming AWESOME (lol) friends :D Told you that would happen