Thursday, September 8, 2011

An American Student in a Canadian World

It is weird being an American in a different country. The other day, someone was talking about how hot it had been on some day during the Summer -- thirty degrees! Whoa! I was confused as to what in the world they meant until I realized that everyone knows Celsius here. Good thing I didn't say anything. :) And the annoying thing about living here -- my money is worth less. I didn't realize how annoying it would be, but exchanging money in general isn't a lot of fun. Oh well! Soon I'll be an old pro. :)

Orietation Week has not been a lot of fun for me, but I'm sure it will get better. It was basically a week of insanity and leaders trying to get you to meet the whole campus before classes start. Hanging out with people I really don't know stresses me out as it is, but to be introduced to fifty people every day? I wish they were more sensitive to our vulnerable position and let us have some peace. However, just the name games, ice breakers, and silly speed dating (it was okay one time, but I was sick of them by date three) got under my skin. I have a really good connections group and I'm looking forward to my classes.

I have made a few acquaintances here. I've discovered it is hard to balance Michael and other dorm buddies -- if I'm not completely spontaneous, my dorm leaves me behind. I'm working on figuring out the balance.

My teachers seem fabulous. The faculty is really what I am looking forward to here. The nursing staff is really passionate about what they do, and it is such an amazing experience to have Christ in the classroom. It is obvious at every turn, and here they aren't afraid to say what they believe. I never would have gotten that at a state college or at Pierce. That is what really makes me glad I came here. I got to visit a faculty's home yesterday with my connections group, and we visited Professor Eriksen. She seems really amazing and very Godly. She is definitely passionate about people. She baked us cookies and sliced watermelon for us -- it was very fun. :)

Okay, a random side note -- I am ALWAYS hungry here. Why? I have no idea. DAD, I MISS YOUR FOOD. SO MUCH. Why aren't there any leftovers in the fridge...? The food is definitely average here. I had the first meal that I actually enjoyed yesterday, but I'm not sure if that was because it was really tasty or because I was starving.... Oh well! At least I loved it. :)

Oh, and one more thing before I go! Freshmen went to Stanley Park yesterday, it was a lot of fun! I saw wild otters and seals swimming in the water!! They were really close, too! It was a really unexpected, happy surprise.

Anyway! I am getting more comfortable here, so that's good! :) Not everything is as easy or fun as I expected, but classes are beginning and I am thrilled about that. That is something I know I can do. :)

I love all of you and miss you!! Family, church family, friends!! (Marissa, I've been thinking about you in particular a lot lately... I wish you were here! Everyone at Trinity is my age and it gets really monotonous. I miss you!)

Lots of love to everyone!!


  1. Hi Allie,
    I am so happy that classes have started! Sounds like all the meet and greet activities were stressful for you. Hopefully, they will be your last! At least as a resident. Just think, if you become an RA, you'll be in charge of them!!! :-) I hope you figure out the cafeteria food. Sometimes it has as much to do with what to avoid as it does what to eat! This week I've made fresh salmon and t-bones, split pea and ham soup, chicken and sausage jambalaya. Also had salad with our lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes from our garden. I need to make you jealous so you'll come home in October! :-)

  2. I like this post Al! It gives a good feeling for what you have been doing. I am especially glad that you like the faculty--that is huge! Now that the uber-socialization is over and classes have started, you should do great. When I went away from home the first time, I remember always being hungry too! (Only difference was that I was eating really good food, a lot of it, and was still starving!) I guess your body is just running on high for awhile. It was GREAT skyping with you. If Jonathan comes up to see you we will send a nice care package with him. Everyone here says HI and they miss you. LOTS OF LOVE FROM HOME!! XXOO Mom