Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Banana Challenge and Other Exciting Adventures

Today we had the Banana Challenge, the annual, school-wide relay race. It was pretty fun! Every dorm dressed up differently and then ran a crazy relay all across campus. There were the creepers, the cross-dressers, the guys-who-only-wore-underwear(guys REALLY like to take their shirts off around here), the where's waldos, the painters (dressed up in big white painter's suits -- Michael's dorm!), the unicorns, the clowns, the mimes, the-guys-who-wore-girls'-swimsuits (two pieces -- eww!! But they wore short shorts on the bottom, at least), the posers, and last but not least... The ALIENS! :) That was my dorm, of course! We painted our bodies green, wore green shirts, and created aluminum foil accessories. It was pretty cool. :) No one else painted their entire bodies like we did, so people thought our costumes were funny.

In  the relay we had to take a banana through a series of obstacles, such as completing a kid's puzzle with oven mitts on, diving into a tiny pool filled with water and flour, spinning around with a bat seven times and sprinting toward the other end of the field (my obstacle! I was thrilled because I was actually better than the other people who were racing me -- I must have good balance.), going through a slip-and-slide, etc. At the end, we had to make a pyramid and the person on top had to eat the banana and drink an entire sprite. It was hilarious. :)

We didn't win the relay (even though we were fast) because we had a guy on our team. I don't know who decided to have him on there, but it ended up being a bad thing. I heard we were penalized an entire minute, which completely knocked us out of the race. But it didn't matter -- it was fun! :)  

Other than that, I have tons of homework already. My dorm wants to go out to Denny's tonight and spend the day at the beach and church tomorrow, but I'm going to have a movie night with Michael (yay!) and spend tomorrow doing homework and reading for my new job, even though I would honestly rather go to the beach and church. Which reminds me -- I got the library job!! I don't remember who I told about the interview, but I was interviewed for a job in the library (and I felt REALLY good about the interview) and I got it! It made me feel so good. :) Now I hope I'll have a little extra money.

People have asked Michael and I SO many times if we started dating since we got here. It's really annoying. I want to introduce us to new people like this: "Hi, I am Allie and this is Michael, my boyfriend. We have been dating for five months. Yes, I did say that. FIVE MONTHS." But last night one guy thought we weren't first years, so that almost made up for it. :) (And honestly, it's not a big deal. It's just a little surprising that people think we got together in less than a week. Sheesh!)

Michael and I are going to try and take the bus tomorrow when we have a study break. I need to buy scrubs and a watch that shows seconds. I took my spending money out of the bank (now it's in Canadian currency! How weird!) and I am ready to use it on the things I need. College is more expensive than I thought it would be, socially. Everyone is wanting to go out to Value Village to get costumes, go out to eat, and go out for the day, which always ends up costing something. I have to be careful about what I do and don't do. So far, the only thing I've gotten outside of the cafeteria has been a snack out of the snack machine. I'm doing good! :)

Anyway, I've already written a novel, so I'll leave it at that. I love and miss you guys!


  1. P.S. ***This is Michael*** MY DORM WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!! I was the puzzle/sprinting/pyramid part of it. :D

  2. That costume relay sound like sooo much fun! It is great to hear how much fun you are having :D
    Congrats on the library job! That would be the best job ever!
    Good job on the vending machine and cafeteria food dealy!
    <3 Melia....
    P.S. I set up Skype and tried calling you.

  3. That's wrong you got penalized for the guy! Bummer... I'm glad you are good at spinning around a bat and running across a field. Makes me proud and my heart warm! :-)

  4. This is Mom on Dad's computer...Fun post! Thanks Al! It sounds like a crazy fun time! I forgot to ask you all about the interview and the library job...congrats! Tell me about it next time we skype. Hope you got your scrubs and watch. Can't wait to see you all dressed up like a nurse! I miss you like crazy! Much love to you!!