Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There is so much pressure when it comes to school. Pressure to do things with your dorm mates, pressure to meet everyone, pressure to act like you're perfect. It's funny that everyone says they love transparency, and hardly anyone actually is. I feel like hiding in my room so no one sees me in my imperfection.

Michael and I have both found it hard to be in a school full of young men and women. We almost can't help comparing ourselves. At first it was really hard not to, but now we've gotten a little better. I don't feel quite so inferior anymore. At Pierce, there were many different age groups. One of my favorite study partners was Lori, who was closer to my parents' age than mine. Here, hardly anyone is older than 25. They're trying to partner us up with "mentors" who are sophomores and juniors.

On a happier note, I like the people in my dorm. We'll probably eventually all warm up to each other. My Old Testament Professor is stinking hilarious, I love his class. He brought a giant bendy tube to class the first day and showed us that we were supposed to be "in" the Bible by getting into the tube and speaking out of it. I won't forget THAT lesson! :)

 I absolutely love my nursing labs. We all get together and either pretend to be the nurse or the patient, and it can get really funny. I've been learning how to act professionally around ornery patients, schizophrenics, patients that weigh over 500 lbs, etc. Of course, these are all pretend scenarios, but later we will really be going to the hospital and using our skills with real people! Exciting!! All we've really learned is hand washing and how to make a bed (an OCCUPIED bed, too!), but that's where we have to start! I know I can do the skills and academics here. I just have to find a group of people that I get along with. :)

I love you guys!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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  1. I want to hear SO much more!! I'd love to know what your OT prof is teaching you. I am glad that the academics there are so rigorous...I mean, that handwashing and bedchanging stuff can really be challenging. :) Hope you LOVE your survival kit! I MISS YOU TTHHHIIIIISSSSS MUCH!